My Learning Springboard

My Learning Springboard is a comprehensive learning concierge® service specializing in admissions consulting, test preparation, private tutoring, enrichment teaching, and special education services.

My Learning Springboard’s main office is on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with services offered across New York City, Washington, DC, Boca Raton, Chicago and the surrounding metro areas of these locations. My Learning Springboard also provides tutoring and consultation via Skype and other digital tools, which expands its reach to students living in other parts of the United States and internationally.

Under the strategic management of Brad Hoffman and his leadership team, the My Learning Springboard professional organization has grown to more than 250 general educators, special educators, subject-matter experts, enrichment teachers, admissions consultants, related service professionals, and medical professionals. These educators and practitioners all share the same mission to support each child and family through collaboration and trusted partnership in order to achieve success.

My Learning Springboard’s professionals recognize that there are many factors that impact learning and that the teaching methodology should be selected and adapted to meet the specific needs of each learner. These needs are determined from many data points, hence our strong interest in collaborating with colleagues and related service professionals across varied fields.

Services for students and families include:

Services for schools, PTAs, and organizations include: