Martin D. Segel, Ph. D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Segel is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Psychology.  He then went on to earn a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Houston Baptist University (HBU) in Houston Texas.  Upon graduating from HBU, Dr. Segel enrolled at The California School of Professional Psychology-Fresno (CSPP) from where he earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  While attending CSPP, Dr. Segel participated in a research practicum under the supervision of Dr. Donald Templer, a renowned psychologist in the field of psychological research.  It was while working with Dr. Templer that Dr. Segel co-published an article in The Perceptual and Motor Skills Journal on the Exploration of the Neuropsychological Spectrum in Clients of Heterogenous Disabilities.  His great interest in acculturative issues led him to study under Dr. Noel B. Peters who chaired his dissertation. As part of his research for his Doctoral Dissertation on Acculturative Stress and Depression, Dr. Segel wrote an article on diverse perspectives on education & peace which was published in the International Journal of Humanities & Peace.

In 1994, on his acceptance to The University of Miami-School of Medicine, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dr. Segel relocated to Miami.  Here he did his pre-doctoral internship, training in various units throughout the hospital.  Dr. Segel served on the Neuro-Trauma Rehabilitation Unit, where he trained in neuropsychological assessment in a sub-acute rehabilitation setting.   While at The University of Miami-School of Medicine, he also trained in the adult outpatient clinic, where he provided psychotherapy to an adult and older adult population.  In addition, Dr. Segel completed rotations on the adult in-patient psychiatric unit and cardiac intensive care unit.  While on internship at the University of Miami-School of Medicine-JMH, Dr. Segel took a leadership role, serving as Chief Intern for his class.

Upon completing his internship, Dr. Segel relocated to Boca Raton where he obtained post doctoral fellowship training in a private practice setting.  Dr. Segel was licensed in Florida as a psychologist in 1996.